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By Dougal Dixon, Neil Clark, William Lindsay, Sue Grabham

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This Edmontosaurus fossil has the skin impression preserved and wrapped around the skeleton. EUOPLOCEPHALUS D I N O S A U R A N AT O M Y FOSSIL ANKYLOSAUR NODULE BONY PLATE Ankylosaurs were among the most knobbly-skinned of the dinosaurs. Large bony plates, like this one, lay side by side forming a thick armour along the upper part of the body. Small bumps SKIN PATTERN Corythosaurus had no protective armour. Its skin, a mosaic of small bumpy scales, was wrinkled and folded around the moving parts of the body.

Dinosaurs found in Africa include: • Spinosaurus • Barosaurus • Brachiosaurus • Massospondylus There have been many fossil finds in Australia, and one in New Zealand. There are probably many sites rich in dinosaur fossils in these countries, but they have yet to be found. Dinosaurs found in these countries include: • Muttaburrasaurus • Leaellynosaura • Austrosaurus • Rhoetosaurus • Minmi DINOSAUR WO RLD EUROPE It was here in the 19th century that the first dinosaur fossils were collected and recorded, and where the name “dinosaur” was first used.

But they now think that the tail counterbalanced the front of the body. TAIL WHIP When defending itself, Diplodocus used its long tail like a huge whip to swipe at its attacker. The tail had 73 bones joined together, and made a powerful weapon with its thin, whiplike ending. 42 Tail held stiffly behind body TAIL RUDDER The tail bones of Deinonychus were locked together by long bony rods, which made the tail stiff. When Deinonychus was running or jumping, it could steer and balance itself by moving its tail from side to side.

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