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Even if ranging from scratch or simply wanting a refresher, realize the best way to communicate and comprehend French with 15-minute-a day classes. every one pack includes hour-long CDs, a full-color path e-book with themed chapters and real-life examples, a menu consultant, and translation dictionaries. Now with brand-new packaging and plastic snap-shut circumstances!

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48–9) Although the larger hotels almost always have private bathrooms, there are still some pensions and chambres d’hôte with shared facilities. This can also be the case in some economy hotels, where a whole family can stay overnight for less than the price of a tank of gas. ” mean? 48–9) 2 Match and repeat Match the numbered items in this hotel bedroom with the French text in the panel and test yourself using the cover flap. 1 la table de chevet 1 nightstand 4 curtains lah tabluh duh shuvay 2 lamp 2 la lampe lah lomp 3 stereo system 3 la stéréo lah stairayoe sofa 5 4 les rideaux (m) lay reedoe 5 le canapé luh kanapay 6 l’oreiller (m) lorayay 7 le coussin luh koosañ 8 le lit luh lee 9 le dessus de lit luh dusoo duh lee 8 bed 10 la couverture lah coovurtyur blanket 10 7 cushion 6 pillow 9 bedspread Cultural tip When you arrive in your room, you will usually see a long sausage-shaped pillow on the bed called “le traversin”—nowadays a largely decorative item.

Prunoñ ronday-voo poor dumañ Avec qui? With whom? avek kee Quand êtes-vous libre? When are you free? koñ et-voo leebruh Je suis désolé(e), je suis occupé(e). I’m sorry, I’m busy. la poignée de main juh swee dayzolay, juh swee zokupay Pourquoi pas jeudi? poorkwah pah jurdee C’est bon pour moi. say boh poor mwah How about Thursday? That’s good for me. lah pwanyay duh mañ handshake Bienvenue. byañvenoo Welcome. 3 In conversation Bonjour. J’ai rendezvous. Avec qui? avek kee boñjoor. jay ronday-voo Avec Monsieur Le Blanc.

Thank you. I’d like four admission tickets. Here you are, and the guidebook is free. 14–15) What’s the French for “ticket”? 40–1) A l’aéroport At the airport Although the airport environment is largely universal, it is sometimes useful to be able to ask your way around the terminal in French. It’s a good idea to make sure you have a few one-euro coins when you arrive at the airport; you may need to pay for a baggage cart. 2 Words to remember Familiarize yourself with these words and test yourself using the flap.

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