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GENERAL PROBLEMS [73] 476. Pipe smokers would go in a big way for a che~ical filter inserted in the stem which would really cool the smoke and minimize the lip and mouth troubles which physicians trace to hot pipe stems. 477. An attachment for an ordinary gas stove that will prevent the loss of heat by dissipation. When a pot' is placed over the gas flames on the present-day stoves much of the heat applied escapes into the surrounding ·atmosphere. 478. A toy bank that would correctly tally all deposits made in coins of various denominations would add an incentive to sav· ing for children.

A phonograph needle that will wear forever and that will not damage the new high-fidelity records. 498. A simple gauge that would tell the hunter and the marksman the speed of the wind would help to bag game and to hit bull's-eyes. ' 487. There is always a certain amount of danger to the fingers in food choppers that have to be fed by hand and there is needed a self-feeding food chopper. 499. A clothes-line tightener that will keep the line tight regardless of the weight of the clothes placed on it.

Method of overcoming the use of buttons in any form for this purpose. (68] (69} 2IOO NEEDED INVENTIONS GENERAL PROBLEMS 418. An attachment is needed for a lawn mower so that it can be used more efficiently in cutting the grass around flower beds. 430. A combination salt and pepper shaker for the housewife~ The device could be controlled by a button. When the button was pressed salt would come forth and when the button was. left in position, pepper would be available. 419. A cheap little pressed metal gadget that can be used to hold steel wool used for kitchen purposes.

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