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By Patrick Forsyth

A part of a sequence of pocket publications geared toward the allowing the reader to profit a brand new ability in precisely half-hour, this article offers a consultant to document writing, from what to incorporate, to tips on how to lay it out.

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If you want to seem enthusiastic, interested, surprised or whatever, let it show. A dead, passive style (... ‘the results were not quite as expected, they showed that’ . ) is not the same as one that characterises what is said with emotion – ‘. . ’ Both may be appropriate on occasion, but the latter is often neglected when in fact it could add considerably to the impact of the report. Consider this. How often when you are searching for the right phrase do you reject something as either insufficiently formal or conventional?

Ditto personal service? Is this just saying it is done by people? If so, this amounts to stating the obvious; perhaps it needs expanding to explain the nature and advantages of the particular service approach. Selecting and arranging words to ensure your meaning is clear: for example, saying ‘At this stage, the arrangement is . ’ implies that later it will be something else, when this might not be intended. 2 per cent’ causes confusion. Is it an estimate, as the word ‘about’ indicates? Or is it as accurate as stating it to a precise decimal point implies?

Any overused phrase can become categorised as a cliche. Yet a phrase like ‘putting the cart before the horse’ is not only well known, but establishes an instant and precise vision and can therefore be useful. People like to conjure up a familiar image and so such phrases should not always be avoided. Also, reports may not be the place for creative alternatives like ‘spread the butter before the jam’. Following the rules What about grammar, syntax and punctuation? Of course they matter – but, remember, some of the rules were made to be broken and some of the old rules are no longer regarded as rules, certainly not for business writing.

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