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By Pablo Garcia Loaeza

Verbs are the spine of any language, and if you cannot conjugate them, you cannot speak. This compilation of greater than 500 universal verbs may help novices in addition to the main complex Spanish scholars. each one web page makes a speciality of a person verb, featuring complete conjugations of a number of tenses, plus sentences that illustrate its utilization.

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Nunca habíamos visto tantas flores. We had never seen so many flowers. Ser vs. ” However, in Spanish they have very different meanings. Ser is used to talk about essences (aspects that are perceived as being inherent to or definitive of the subject) and about time. Estar is used to talk about states (aspects or conditions that are merely circumstantial to the subject) and about location (space). Compare the following sentences: Pedro es un tipo simpático pero hoy está enojado. Pedro is a nice guy but today he is angry.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the assistance of Liliana Acosta-Santacruz, Sandra Cuesta, María Gómez, León Guerrero, Marian Pérez, and Susana Mazuelas in the preparation of this book. INTRODUCTION This section offers some basic information about verbs and the way they are used in Spanish. It is intended as a helpful resource for a beginner, but can also serve as a quick reference for a more advanced speaker. A Spanish pronunciation guide is included at the end. NON-ACTIVE VERB FORMS Infinitive In English, the preposition “to” indicates the infinitive form of a verb.

Expresado Ger. expresando EXTRAVIAR To lose, to misplace Extraviarse To get lost, to go missing Past part. extraviado Ger. extraviando FABRICAR To manufacture, to produce, to make F Past part. fabricado Ger. fabricando FALLAR To fail, to go wrong, to miss, to rule (legal) Past part. fallado Ger. fallando FALTAR To miss, to need, to lack Past part. faltado Ger. faltando FINGIR To feign, to pretend Past part. fingido Ger. fingiendo FRACASAR To fail, to be unsuccessful Past part. fracasado Ger. fracasando FRENAR To brake, to stop, to slow down Past part.

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