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By Terence Wade, David Gillespie

The 3rd variation of Terence Wade’s A accomplished Russian Grammar, newly up to date and revised, deals the definitive consultant to present Russian utilization.

  • Provides the main entire, actual and authoritative English language reference grammar of Russian on hand at the market
  • Includes up to date fabric from quite a lot of literary and non-literary resources, together with Russian executive websites
  • Features a complete method of grammar exposition
  • Retains the available but accomplished assurance of the former variation whereas including up-to-date examples and illustrations, in addition to insights into numerous new advancements in Russian language utilization because the cave in of the Soviet Union in 1991

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Nabokov) ‘That is good’, said his wife, slowly drawing a silken blanket about her. ‘Thank God, thank God . ’ (ii) Capitals are also used for religious festivals: П сха ‘Easter’, Рождеств ‘Christmas’, holders of exalted ecclesiastical offices: Свят йший Патри рх Моск вский и все Рус ‘His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia’, П па Р мский ‘The Pope’, and sacred texts: Б блия ‘the Bible’, Кор н ‘the Koran’, Tópa ‘the Torah’, Талм д ‘the Talmud’, В ды ‘the Vedas’.

It not only has a number of specific uses of its own but in some contexts substitutes for other punctuation marks, in particular the comma, the colon and parentheses. (1) Specific uses of the dash. (i) It separates subject noun from predicate noun, replacing the verb ‘to be’: Мой от ц — преподав тель в за, а м ма — врач (Belyakova) My father is a college lecturer, and my mother is a doctor С мое глуб кое зеро м ра — то преснов дный крас вец Байк л (Vvedenskaya) The deepest lake in the world is the beautiful fresh-water Lake Baikal Note (a) The subject may sometimes be an infinitive: С мое тяжёлое при прощ нии — не огл дываться (Ogonek) The hardest thing on parting is not to look back (b) The dash is not normally used to replace the verb ‘to be’ when the subject is a pronoun: Он водол з ‘He is a diver’.

7) After interjections: — Ой, как неуд чно. Вчер уп л oли сег дня? (Rasputin) ‘Oh, what bad luck. ’ (8) Between repeated words: Ничег , ничег , утеш л он себ , с мое тр дное позад (Abramov) Never mind, never mind, he consoled himself, the worst is over (9) To mark off participial phrases: По равн не, освещённой п здним с лнцем, скак л таб н д ких лошад й Over the plain, (which was) illuminated by the late sun, galloped a herd of wild horses 23 Punctuation 23 (10) To mark off gerundial phrases: Я молч л, не зн я, что д лать (Rasputin) I was silent, not knowing what to do Note In English, ‘and’ is often used as an alternative to a comma before the final element in enumerations and when two or more adjectives qualify a single noun or two adverbs a single verb (cf.

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