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By Angela Terrill

Lavukaleve is a Papuan Language spoken at the Russell Islands within the important Province of the Solomon Islands. The phonology and morpho-phonology of Lavukaleve are defined, in addition to arguments adjuncts, the Lavukaleve predicate constitution (including predicate varieties and middle player marking, the contract suffix, concentration buildings, stressful, element and temper, word-level derivation, complicated predicates), interclausal syntax, and the Lavukaleve discourse enterprise. The ebook contains a checklist of affixes, an inventory of lexemes, and an appendix with Lavukaleve texts. the knowledge utilized in this paintings was once amassed through the writer in the course of 5 box journeys.

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Unusually for the region2 there is no contrasting series of oral versus prenasalised stops (although prenasalised allophones of the voiced stops do exist). Syllables can be open or closed, and consonant clusters consisting of two consonants, as well as unlimited vowel sequences, occur frequently. Stress is unpredictable, although it most commonly falls on the initial syllable of a word. There are two major word classes in Lavukaleve: nouns and verbs. There are also a large number of minor classes, including for instance adjectives, demonstratives, pronouns, focus markers, postpositions, conjunctions, the Habitual Auxiliary, locationals, demonstrative identifiers and verb adjuncts.

G. tamtam 'reef, kelkel ' d u g o n g \ f u n f u n 'firefly' (note that there are no words of the form *tam, *kel or *fun in the language today). g. an'kav 'pumice', so it is not possible to account for internal closed syllables by a historical reduplication rule. Wordfinal closed syllables are far more common. 226 Download Date | 7/22/12 1:48 PM Stress 29 process of word-final vowel loss, which would account for the development of these word-final closed syllables. A word can in principle consist of any number of syllables: w -> σ* Monosyllabic roots are common.

7 Stress Stress is realised as a slightly louder and lengthened syllable. Stress assignment is partly fixed and partly lexically assigned. Most words have stress on their initial syllable. A small proportion of words (something around 18% in the corpus) has stress on their second syllable. ); that is, the word looks as if its first CV syllable has been reduplicated. Others are obvious recent loan words which retain the stress pattern of the original word. For the rest, there is no obvious formal reason for the non-initial stress.

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