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By Paul Rogers

There are few at the present time who can declare that the U.S. career of Iraq has been a hit, for Iraq or the USA. A warfare Too a ways takes this on by way of on reflection at the many unanswered questions about the invasion itself. What used to be the genuine reason behind the Iraq battle? Did George Bush ever have a technique to confront al-Qaida in a single area? How does the invasion modify Iraq's courting with Iran? And what does this suggest for the longer term? World-renowned safeguard specialist Paul Rogers tackles those questions, providing a uniquely insightful research of occasions in the course of and after the battle. reading the fragile stability of energy in Iraq, he explores the choices for a US go out method, and the way the invasion impacts America's courting with Iran. Paul Rogers envisioned in 2000 that the united states could event a terrorist assault by itself soil. next occasions proved how actual he was once. This e-book is needed interpreting for college students, newshounds, policy-makers and someone drawn to getting the total tale concerning the risky outcomes of the most recent American enterprise within the center East. Paul Rogers explores: • The neo-conservative imaginative and prescient of a US-dominated center East • The oil hyperlink – Iraq's importance in strength geopolitics • hyperlinks with Israel – the improvement of shut army cooperation among the united states and Israeli army • The becoming chance of a struggle on Iran and its power repercussions

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The questionable loyalty of these troops in the 1990s meant that the most reliable elements were concentrated in an entirely Rogers 01 chap01 23 24/11/05 09:42:46 24 A WA R T O O FA R different set of forces, the Special Republican Guard and other units, including the fedayeen. These together may number as many as 30,000 people, trained especially in urban warfare and assumed to be markedly loyal to the regime. As far as it is possible to say, these groups have played little part in the war and are available in Baghdad for the defence of the regime.

Another ostensibly minor move was the reported decision by the Pentagon to refuse a French request to extend the tour of duty of its representative at the US Air Force’s (USAF) Global Positioning System Program Office in California. Again, this may not appear significant, but GPS is the most widely used space-based navigational system and there is considerable symbolism in denying the request. The extent of the hostility to France in Washington is hard to exaggerate. Rumsfeld’s special assistant for Europe in Brussels, Evan Galbraith, is quoted in Defense News as saying that the US and France may remain allies, ‘but the rupture is the worst I’ve seen since the Vichy Government was in power’.

Equally significant has been the long-held belief that the House of Saud is a corrupt and highly unacceptable Keeper of the Two Holy Places. That motive, along with a continuing US presence, will go on feeding the resentment that lends support to al-Qaida. The organisation has now shown itself to be far from defeated by the United States in its ‘war on terror’. US Forces in Regional ‘Draw-Down’ The Riyadh bombings come at a time of fundamental changes in the distribution of US military forces throughout the Middle East, Europe and South-West Asia.

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