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By Andreas Gebhardt, Jan-Steffen Heotter

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This kind of software is trimmed of the needed features of CAD software and can transform the model into the STL format. When the model is included with the geometrical and directional information, it is necessary to establish the machine and material parameters required for the control of the rapid prototyping process in order to proceed with the building process. In any case, the geometrical information of the entire body, like the layer thickness and the contour data for every layer, must exist to produce the 3D model.

These constitute the 2D information. The established plotter software formats are based on HPGL files (Hewlett Packard graphic language) or similar standard formulations. The slicing is generated directly in CAD, respectively in the layer. The information from the 3D CAD is sufficient to specify the hatches, in addition to the contour, and thus can fully describe the contour. A distinction is made between the outer and internal boundaries and the hatches of the cross-sectional areas. 15 Direct contour generation from the 3D CAD system Along with the advantages of the generated layer information, there are also dis­ advantages.

Generally, they have big build chambers, material handling systems, and automated devices for postprocessing. Production printers are heavy, have big footprints, and cause emissions that are typical for production machines. Installation, maintenance, and service require professional support. Operators need to be trained intensively, mainly supported by the machine manufacturer. Machine Classes and Part Properties In general, there is a correlation between the machine classes and the part properties that can be obtained.

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