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By Daniel Carter Beard

Иллюстрированная Энциклопедия знаков, сигналов, жестов и символов.

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Out. The same letter reversed means that the occupant of the house, tent, or camp is out. ) Although the letter C, letter magic. 83 HIKE. ) Fig. 88. I 53 This Here. This is a place. Here. useful tramp sign, it is the new but was fur- nished to the writer by Hon. Geo. Porter, Director of Public Safety of Philadelphia. ) CHAPTER IX MAP SIGNS OF PEOPLE MAPS AND FENCES TELLING OF MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN. WHITE, YELLOW, RED AND BLACK MEN, OFFICERS AND DOCTORS, SIGNS FOR SCOUTS AND "JUSTICERS" IT is often necessary and useful to inform our friends, our clan, our Scouts, our fellow explorers, just what sort of people we have met; just what people they will meet on the trail.

A 3, Plate 1. sign shaped like the that the people will take care of you if you are sick. ) A rude representation a cat denotes the house thus decorated to be the home of a kindFig. 70. KlND GOOD worvJl of hearted woman. ) Fig. 71. Cheerful, joyous, merry, sunshine in the heart. Generally used as a wish. ) Heart Fig. 72. (Modified Indian WEALTH Fig. 73. Silk hat gold, men FUNTT song, joyful. ) means wealth, and a plenty. ) Fig. 74. A circle, a forked stick and a buffalo skull, tells us of abundance and plenty.

Help. Three smudge fires burn- enemy approaching. in distress, help wanted. ) I am lost, (Apache 46 AND SYMBOLS SIGNS, SIGNALS Fig. 64. Whenever you hear in the woods three reports of a gun at regular intervals about as you would count 1-2-3, you must give it your immediate attention. In the NorthMt. McKinley region and west, at Alaska hunting ground, Mr. Belmore Browne tells me they fire the three shots and then three more shots to be sure to attract attention, HELP? but in other localities, usually three shots are sufficient to call for help, and more is a waste of ammunition w hich must be conserved under such T circu mstances We cannot be too careful in regard to our ''trouble" signs, for life often depends upon making them understood; so keep the number 3 in your mind as always meaning danger, trouble or a cry for help and as a sign that should be recog- nized ^_^ IN by all woodsmen.

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