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Букварь танка Тигр

Букварь танка Тигр"- с юмором и ,что называется -на пальцах, говорится
об устройстве ,эксплуатации и боевом применении танка "Тигр".
Книга издана в годы WW2 (Вторая мировая война)

The War on Mel Gibson: The Media vs. The Passion

The warfare On Mel Gibson explains why Mel Gibson's motion picture the eagerness of the Christ has stirred this type of furor. is not it simply one other Jesus motion picture? obviously now not and Dr. North unearths who Mel Gibson's persecutors are, what they did, how they did it, and why they misplaced this conflict – a conflict they knew that they had to win.

Packs On!: Memoirs of the 10th Mountain Division

This historical past of the tenth Mountain department in the course of international battle II makes a speciality of the non-public studies of the mountain troops who served in Alaska and Italy. Feuer conveys the critiques expressed by way of the veterans in regards to the behavior of the campaigns—both the great and the undesirable, with out holds barred. Senator Bob Dole, who was once heavily wounded through the crusade, presents a foreword.

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