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For that to occur, views of the American people will have to improve as well. In Chapter 9 I summarize the main findings of this study and evaluate how the popular standing of the United States in the collective imagination of ordinary people worldwide informs the nature of the American world order. ch a pter t wo Two Theories on Anti-Americanism Introduction I f shelves in university bookstores count as reliable indicators of the fundamental political questions faced by a society, the message they convey in the early years of the twenty-first century is clear: the position of the United States in the world has emerged as the central issue for international relations scholars.

3%. 12 Plotting these correlates indicates that attitudes towards America have uneven patterns of variability. For example, the range of variation of anti-American sentiment is higher in poor countries than it is in richer countries; the anti-Americanism index spans its whole range at low levels of GDP per capita, from the minimal presence of negative opinion of the United States in the Philippines and in Honduras to its peaks in Egypt and Pakistan. S. S. elite discourse. S. military assistance and presence of anti-American sentiment seems to be driven more by the combination of high military assistance and high anti-Americanism in Egypt and Jordan than by any more systematic relationship.

Nonetheless, notable exceptions exist to the pattern of pro-American sentiment; in Bangladesh, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Turkey sizeable majorities of respondents had a somewhat unfavorable or a very unfavorable opinion of the United States. 3 by showing the mean responses, along with the standard deviations, by region. The geographic area where the United States enjoyed the most favorable image is Africa; about 71% of the African respondents had a positive opinion of the United States and nearly half of that 71% of respondents had a very favorable opinion.

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