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Twenty years in the past Andre Leblanc first walked into the go away­ to the following, and fascinating every body from Chicago to ment to give his manuscript at the selection of the Singapore to Taiwan ... now not a month is going by way of with out considered one of axes of some of the foramens, canals, and sulci of the bottom of Andre Leblanc's new posters, extra academic than ever, the cranium, their tomographical research and their environ­ being extra to the others to the partitions of radiology practices ment, to my grasp, Professor Claude Libersa. The venture or MRI facilities. used to be completely reworked and improved by way of coupling classi­ cal anatomy with the exploding new imaging ideas. The e-book we current this day, entitled "Atlas of listening to and stability Organs a realistic consultant For Otolaryngologists", is barely a curious, minute, creative, and tireless employee like a version of its sort when it comes to rigour, wisdom, and Andre Leblanc can make this pursuits venture successful. aesthetics. the hot views that it bargains can assist each one because of his selection, he mobilized the very best and everybody get a greater seize of the ear's association and radiologists, clinicians, editors, or even anatomists, and establish the 70 parts which are stated to compose it.

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Facialis. glossopharyngeus. vagus. accessorius und hypo-glossus. Arch Otorhinolaryngol 23 I :I • Libersa C (1951) Etude de Ia vascularisation arterielle des nerfs craniens et du paquet acoustico-facial. Sautai et Fils - Lille • Linthicum FH Jr. Galey FR ( 1992) Histologic evaluation of temporal bones with cochlear implants. Ann Otol Rhino! Laryngol tome: 610-613 • Majoor MHJM, Albers FWJ. Casselman JW ( 1993) The clinical relevance of computed tomography and MR imaging in Cogan's syndrome. Acta Otolaryngol (Stockh) 113:625-631 • Mark AS.

Duct. - The common modiolar vein, which results from the merging of the anterior and posterior spiral veins. labyrinth, particularly from the semicircular canals. It drains separate canal, and drains into the vein of the cochlear aque- * The plexus for the vestibular aqueduct is an anastomosis of veins coming from the non-sensory areas of the vestibular into the vein of the vestibular aqueduct, which runs in a canal parallel to the aqueduct, and finally receives veins from the • the posterior spiral vein collects blood from the spiral ganglion of cochlea and then merges with the infrastrial capillary network; • the anterior spiral vein collects blood from the limbus spiral is, and then anastomoses with the internal radial arteriolae at that same level; endolymphatic sac.

Acta Otolaryngol (Stockh) 99:8-13 • Igarashi M, Alford BR, Konishi S, Shaver EF, Guilford FR (1969) Functional and histopathological correlations after microembolism of the peripheral labyrinthine artery in the dog. Laryngoscope 79:603-623 • Jaffe BF ( 1975) Hypercoagulation and other causes of sudden hearing loss. Otolaryngol Clin North Am 8:395-403 • Johnson DW ( 1984) Air cisternography of the cerebellopontine angle using high resolution computed tomography. Radiology 151:401-404 • Juster M, Fischgold H (1955) Etude radioanatomique de l'os temporal.

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