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By Dietrich O. Hummel

Instrumental, in particular spectrometric, tools are usual in analytical laboratories for id and quantitative selection of advanced natural structures, as Dieter Hummel has proven this in past works for polymeric fabrics of every kind. In "Atlas of Plastics Additives", Hummel describes the applying of vibrational (FTIR, UV, Raman) and mass spectrometries and of alternative instrumental innovations for identity and constitution elucidation of plastics ingredients, e.g., antioxidants, stabilizers, plasticizers, pigments, rubber chemical substances. The state-of-the-art is condensed in several tables and figures, which additionally enable the translation of spectra. specifically impressive is a suite of the FTIR spectra of 780 chosen ingredients, including buildings and legends. This ebook is principally important for practitioners in plastics processing and construction, in addition to the plastics ingredients for the standard keep an eye on of educts.

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25. Ture U, Pamir MN: Extreme lateral-transatlas approach for resection of the dens of the axis. J Neurosurg (Spine 1) 2002;96: 73–82. 26. Sen C, Sekhar LN: An extreme lateral transcondylar approach to the foramen magnum and cervical spine. In Rengachary SS, Wilkins RH (eds): Neurosurgical Operative Atlas, Vol. 2. Baltimore, Williams & Wilkins, 1992, pp 163–171. SECTION C H A B P T Mid and Lower Cervical Spine E R 5 Anterior Approach to the Midcervical Spine ANATOMY OSSEOUS STRUCTURE A cervical vertebra is composed of a body, pedicle, transverse process, superior articular process, inferior articular process, lamina, and spinous process (Fig.

From that point laterally to the transverse foramen, the bone is undercut but not removed totally. Splenius cervicis muscle (divided) Levator scapula muscle (divided) Dural flap Vertebral artery Meningioma Spinal cord Dural incision Fig. 4-10 The dura is best opened using a curved incision, beginning at the anterosuperior portion of the exposed dura and creating a convex backward incision that ends by coming back to the anteroinferior portion of the exposed dura. Fig. 4-11 For ventrolateral tumors, this opening should expose at least a small portion of the normal cord in its posterior extent.

4-5 The skin incision is made anteriorly 1 cm below the level of the cricoid cartilage and extended up to the base of the mastoid process. 38 SECTION I SURGICAL ANATOMY AND APPROACHES Sternocleidomastoid muscle Greater auricular nerve Lesser occipital nerve Fig. 4-6 The transverse process of C2 is shorter and more difficult to palpate and can easily be confused with the C2-C3 facet joint, which lies slightly posterior and inferior. Splenium capitis muscle C1 transverse process under deep fascia Accessory nerve Splenius capitis muscle (divided) Jugular vein Sternocleidomastoid muscle (divided) Fig.

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