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Even if you are simply beginning out with Linux or trying to hone your present talents, this publication will give you the data you would like.

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Writing and debugging scripts 26 Bash Guide for Beginners The table below gives an overview of other useful Bash options: Table 2−1. Overview of set debugging options Short notation Long notation Result Disable file name generation using metacharacters set −f set −o noglob (globbing). set −v set −o verbose Prints shell input lines as they are read. set −x set −o xtrace Print command traces before executing command. The dash is used to activate a shell option and a plus to deactivate it. Don't let this confuse you!

06s /usr/bin/screen I'm setting two variables now. This is a string: black And this is a number: 9 I'm giving you back your prompt now. willy:~/scripts> echo $COLOUR willy:~/scripts> echo $VALUE willy:~/scripts> This is the most common way to execute a script. It is preferred to execute the script like this in a subshell. The variables, functions and aliases created in this subshell are only known to the particular bash session of that subshell. When that shell exits and the parent regains control, everything is cleaned up and all changes to the state of the shell made by the script, are forgotten.

Evaluation of arithmetic expressions is done in fixed−width integers with no check for overflow − although division by zero is trapped and recognized as an error. The operators are roughly the same as in the C programming language. In order of decreasing precedence, the list looks like this: Table 3−4. Arithmetic operators Operator Meaning VAR++ and VAR−− variable post−increment and post−decrement ++VAR and −−VAR variable pre−increment and pre−decrement − and + unary minus and plus ! = equality and inequality & bitwise AND ^ bitwise exclusive OR | bitwise OR && logical AND || logical OR expr ?

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