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"These volumes needs to be considered as a landmark in algebraical literature. the big wealth of fabric, the intensity of therapy, and the masterly exposition render those volumes incredibly priceless. All classes on algebra, from the second one undergraduate 12 months to the expert reports for doctoral scholars, can take advantage of this authoritative treatise by means of Professor Jacobson." Walter Ledermann, college of Sussex Volume1

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As shown in Fig. 4, the calculation also reproduces amazingly well the observed P(j) for D-on-H, whereas the agreement for H-on-D is not as good. In the case ofD-on-H, the main discrepancy shows up at high j '" 15-20 where the calculation gives larger values for P(j) than the experiments, whereas in the case of H-on-D, the calculation does not reproduce the shape of the observed P(j) at low j and gives too much rotational excitation at high j. The isotope effects in the observed P(j) are smaller than in the calculations.

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