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Chosen articles accrued from Journals thirteen to sixteen.

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Snapshot is a game of close combat — be it hijacking, mutiny, or boarding parties — aboard the starships of the far future. All manner of weapons and all types of individuals are included, as well as detailed starship plans. 98. JUDGES GUILD 1165 N. University Ave. (J-1) Decatur, IL 62526 Phone: (217) 422-1930 BELTER— Against a background of frantic prospecting (for the wealth of the asteroids is why people are here). Belter is a political/economic game of many levels. Represented are individual players, as well as groups of crewmen, prospectors, thugs and troops.

Its attacks are swift and terribly violent, the only motive being murder. Despite its large size, its slim physique enables it to seclude itself within or move through relatively small passages. The total lifespan of the Reticulan Parasite is directly proportional to the number of victims from which it can steal life. Often, from pod to new larvae, the creature lives only a few hours. When the parasite can no longer find organisms to prey upon, it will become comatose and the growth of new larvae will begin within the creature.

Its strength in limbs, hands, tail, and jaws is far superior to normal human strength. The parasite, at this stage, becomes quite vicious. It will stalk, capture, and kill nearly any animal organism it can for the remainder of its short life. It is not precisely known what the creature derives from these wanton murders, as it does not use the corpses for food at all. Biological theorists have postulated that the parasite obtains a "life energy (electrical or otherwise)" from its victims which it uses directly to perpetuate its small life span.

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