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Synchrotron radiation CD measurements can determine protein CD down to wavelengths as low as 160 nm,6 compared to -180 nm for traditional CD measurements. This additional information allows secondary structural components to be resolved in greater detail. In addition, time-resolved far-UV protein CD measurements on the microsecond7and nanosecond' time scales coupled with the increasing length of molecular dynamics simulations9means that detailed modelling and understanding of the early events in protein folding is tantalisingly close.

The n bonding orbital, nb, is the in-phase combination of three 2p atomic orbitals with no nodes perpendicular to the plane defined by the amide group. The non-bonding n orbital, nnb, has a perpendicular node at the C atom. The anti-bonding z* orbital has two perpendicular nodes. Another important feature of amide electronic structure is the two lone pairs on the oxygen atom, n I Probing Biological Molecules: Theory and Experiment 23 and n', which lie in the plane defined by the amide group and are orientated along the C-0 bond and perpendicular to it, respectively.

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