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By V. Golemansky, N. Chipev

Dedicated to Gentoo penguins, this quantity discusses the points of genetics, polymorphism, survival, morphology and body structure.

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Nearly 30 % of the stains formed ascospores. Nine percents of spores were formed on 5 % malt agar, acetate agar and test-malt agar. Only one strain produced asexuall- and teliospores on sucrose – yeast agar. Only one of strains reproduces not only asexually but also by teliospores on sucrose-yeast extract agar. Balistospores were not observed in the tested yeast strains. Nine percents of stains formed well developed pseudomycelium on corn agar, potato-dextrose and rise agar. Rudimental pseudomycelium was formed by 18% of the strains.

1996). Also 20 probes were extracted by the standard phenol-chlorophorm method. We did not find any differences in DNA analysis obtained by both methods. Therefore, for routine extraction we used the salt extraction method as an inexpensive and simple one. The concentration of DNA probes was determined using a spectrophotometer based on absorbance at 260 and 280 nm, respectively, and was defined more accurately by electrophoresis in 0,8% agarose gel. 2. AMPLIFICATION CONDITIONS A RAPD-PCR analysis was carried out as the modified method of Operon.

SEX IDENTIFICATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF THE TRAIT BETWEEN MALES AND FEMALES Gentoo are monomorphic, that is why sex identification was performed using DNA markers from blood samples. A convenient and simple method for sex determination is the DNA analysis of specific loci on W and Z chromosomes by multiplex PCR reaction. In homogametes males, the reaction of amplification displayed a product with a size of 252 bp. The heterogametes females displayed one additional band with a size of 190 bp. The DNA was extracted from the blood samples of birds from Livingston and Petermann Islands.

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