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By Eugene C. Toy, William E. Seifert Jr., Henry W. Strobel, Konrad P. Harms

Fifty medical situations assist you excel in biochemistry classes and the USMLE Step 1

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D. E. F. G. H. 4], select the vitamin that is most likely to be deficient. 2] A muscular 25-year-old male presents with dermatitis and an inflamed tongue. A history reveals that he has been consuming raw eggs as part of his training regimen for the past 6 months. 3] A 30-year-old male goes to his dentist complaining of loosening teeth. Examination also reveals his gums are swollen, purple, and spongy. The dentist also notes that the patient’s fingers have multiple splinter hemorrhages near the distal ends of the nail and that a wound on the patient’s forearm has failed to heal properly.

This enzyme is an unusual DNA polymerase, because it uses both DNA and RNA as template. First, it makes DNA from the RNA and uses this in turn to make the CLINICAL CASES 49 Figure 5-2. Simplified HIV genome. second strand of DNA. This double-stranded DNA is transported into the nucleus and is recognized by the viral enzyme integrase, which catalyzes the insertion of the viral DNA into the host genome thus establishing a permanent infection. The final step is the transcription of the integrated viral DNA producing a large amount of viral RNA, which is packaged in a capsid along with the other essential proteins and can bud from the plasma membrane.

DISCUSSION DNA and RNA are both polymers of nucleosides joined by 3¢,5¢-phosphodiester linkages. Each nucleoside consists of a heterocyclic nitrogenous base in a glycosidic link with a pentose sugar. The backbone of both DNA and RNA is formed by the phosphate bridges between the 3¢-hydroxyl group of one pentose and the 5¢-hydroxyl group of another. ” DNA contains the bases adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and thymine (T), whereas RNA contains A, G, and C but has uracil (U) instead of T. The pentose sugar in DNA is 2¢-deoxyribose, whereas in RNA it is ribose.

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