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By Rabbi Shai Specht

Lets all use extra LOVE in our lives, and the extra we provide the extra we get. This brief publication, reflect on it as a existence guide, will take you on a trip of self-exploration and information via tales, routines and phrases of knowledge.

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When you take a deep breath you nourish your body and soul. When you take a deep breath and become more aware, you also take the soul to higher levels of wellbeing. So, take a deep breath and appreciate the positive people and things in your life! Remember to Be in BALANCE. Also, remember to turn off your mobile world once in a while and connect with your loved ones, who matter the most, in a real, sincere way. BE there with your whole heart and soul not just with your ears, and you will experience great Joy and Excitement in your life.

This will serve as a good reminder of all the positive things you are made of, and will help cheer you up when you’re having a bad, “self-defeating” day. Benefits of Walking The Spiritual and Physical Walking (and exercise) has benefits beyond the merely physical. Many people walk as much for mental and spiritual well-being as for fitness. Can walking make you happy? Can it help you deal with life stress? Can it help you work through relationship problems? Can it lead to a deeper spiritual and religious life?

There are stories, personal reflections and commentary that offer guiding examples of what the author is saying. You need not be Jewish, or even religious, to enjoy and learn from this book. And you may just decide after reading it that you’d rather be a coffee bean and not a carrot or an egg! D. com A Note from the Author Dear Reader; We could all use more LOVE in our lives, and the more we give the more we get. This book is a life manual that will take you on a journey of self-exploration and awareness through stories, exercises and words of wisdom.

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