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By Waverly Curtis

"If I say so myself, i'm muy foxy!"

When amateur P.I. Geri Sullivan first heard her followed Chihuahua speak, she proposal she'd long gone barking mad. however it seems Pepe is a savvy sleuth—and if he has his means, he'll quickly be a bone-a-fido star, too, as Pepe and Geri are Hollywood-bound to superstar within the truth express Dancing With canines. thus far, so bueno.

Then Nigel St. Nigel, the pass judgement on each person likes to hate, turns into the pass judgement on anyone sought after useless. Pepe and Geri are scorching on a killer's heels yet among perfecting the paso doble and maintaining Pepe's Pomeranian girl love, either have their paws complete. If Pepe's new prestige as a Beverly Hills Chihuahua is going to his head, it can be the final waltz for Geri's crime-biting compadre. .

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