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By Neal Robinson

The way Jesus is portrayed within the Qur'an is from time to time ambiguous and has given upward push to a bewildering number of conflicting interpretations. Neal Robinson first outlines many of the Christian ways to the topic after which explains the foundations of Muslim exegesis prior to taking a look intimately at what 5 classical Sunni commentaries say approximately Jesus' go back, the crucifixion, the miracles and the virginal perception. additional chapters research an analogous key themes from the point of view of Shi'ite and Sufi exegesis.

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Insinuation that Christians have taken Jesus and Mary as deities. ) God has not taken a son. ) God has not taken a son. ) God will judge between religions. ) Unlettered prophet described in Gospel.  Fourth, were the Qur'anic denials that God had ever taken a son originally directed against Christians or against Arab pagans?  Unless we discount the tradition that Waraqa died shortly after hearing about the initial revelations, none of the individuals mentioned at the beginning of this chapter will fit the bill.

Matthew 6:24) (83) 42:13­16 Muhammad's religion is that of Moses and Jesus. (84) 10:69 They say God has taken a son.  Matthew 13:13 and 24:32) (89) 6:84­90 Jesus mentioned in list of prophets. 6:106 Accusation that Muhammad has studied.  Matthew 23:24) 2:62 Reward for Christians. 2:87 Jesus given clear proofs and strengthened with Spirit.  God will judge according to works and not in accordance with Jewish and Christian exclusivism. 2:120 Tensions between Muhammad and the Jews and Christians who want him to follow their religion.

Doubters cause dissension by concentrating on the ambiguous ayas.  Summons to worship none but God and engage in mutual cursing of liars.  Scripturists vary in trustworthiness. Muslims believe in what was revealed to Moses, Jesus and the prophets and make no distinction between them. 3:113­15 Not all Scripturists are alike.  Disciples helpers'. ) 57:25­9 Jesus a messenger; kindness and mercy in the hearts of his disciples. (100) 4:44­57 Idolatry of the Scripturists.  God raised him. 4:163 Jesus named in list of prophets.

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