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NET environ- standards fora DIY OBD2 project. The OBD2 the Windows operating system. With an em- ment and C# programming or who have an Analyser NG is self-contained and can plug phasis on learning by doing, readers are en- interest in interfacing hardware to a PC. The into any OBD diagnostic port. NET framework and Kit of parts including DXM Module, PCB SMD- appropriate programming techniques “on C# programming language from data types prefitted, case, mounting materials and cable the fly”. 50 source code is provided for all projects.

Although I could use some of the extra I/O pins to allow configuration inputs, it would be nice to have all of this work automatically, and I’d like to be able to use (write) a more generic application. I already chose a second-generation design configuration. It features a long clipboard to hold the book with the electronics built along the bottom of the board. This would provide a larger area for a better speaker and it could use a thumb drive for the audio files. The KX1400 can be used without an external EEPROM, as long as the microcontroller can keep feeding it the audio commands (samples) fast enough.

If you’re a disciplined coder who remembers that any data that may be used inside interrupts needs to be handled in an atomic way, and that operations inside an interrupt routine need to be “fast-paced,” it is not a big deal. State machines are a great way to code algorithms inside interrupt routines. I could have stored the temperature profile in an array, but I just left it hardcoded. As far as I could see, the only situation that could require a change in the profile parameters would involve using the same controller on a larger toaster—and if that ever happens, I can just recompile the program with new Listing 1—Simple software controls TRIAC driving.

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