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The default settings for the serial port are 115,200 bps, 1 stop bit, no parity, no handshaking. Using HyperTerminal, you can watch the device enumeration sequence, HID Control transfers, and In and Out interrupt transfers. To test the device’s data-transfer capability, a free software application called GenericHid is available from Lakeview Research (see Photo 4). The Generic HID descriptor supplied with the project files is designed to match up with GenericHid. GenericHid sends 2 bytes to the AT90USB162 over the Control endpoint or the OUT endpoint.

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I first soldered a standard 100-nF ceramic capacitor, keeping 1-cm-long wires so I could reuse the capacitor if needed (see Photo 1). A note of caution: Any VNA needs a proper calibration before measurement, especially for impedance measurements. This calibration is usually done using the so-called SOLT method.

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