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Ceramic Armor and Armor Systems II, Volume 178

Includes papers at the improvement and incorporation of ceramic fabrics for armor purposes. subject matters comprise impression and penetration modeling, dynamic and static checking out to foretell functionality, harm characterization, non-destructive assessment and novel fabric recommendations. content material:

Materials under Extreme Loadings: Application to Penetration and Impact

This booklet offers contemporary and leading edge advances in our figuring out of key features of the reaction of fabrics less than severe quite a bit that happen in the course of excessive pace effect and penetration. the focal point of the content material is at the various demanding situations linked to characterization and modeling of complicated interactions that happen in the course of those hugely dynamic occasions.

Underwater Repair Technology

This publication presents an outline of the thoughts to be had to the offshore for the becoming a member of and service of offshore buildings. the previous couple of years have obvious many advancements in underwater engineering expertise the place quite a lot of welding options, and the mandatory linked apparatus, are actually to be had for underwater becoming a member of approaches within the offshore undefined.

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