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BIANCA. Is it for him you do envy me so? Nay, then you jest; and now I well perceive You have but jested with me all this while: I prithee, sister Kate, untie my hands. KATHERINA. If that be jest, then an the rest was so. ] BAPTISTA. Why, how now, dame! Whence grows this insolence? Bianca, stand aside. Poor girl! she weeps. Go ply thy needle; meddle not with her. For shame, thou hilding of a devilish spirit, Why dost thou wrong her that did ne'er wrong thee? When did she cross thee with a bitter word?

Fear boys with bugs. GRUMIO. [Aside] For he fears none. GREMIO. Hortensio, hark: This gentleman is happily arriv'd, My mind presumes, for his own good and ours. Spanish angry: enojado, enfadado, furioso. artillery: artillería. assisting: ayudando. ay: sí. battle: batalla, pelea. boar: verraco, cerdo, jabalí. boys: los muchachos. bugs: chalado, errores indefinidos, loco. chestnut: castaña, castaño. daunt: intimidar, intimide, intimida, intimidad, intimido, intimiden, intimidas, intimidan, intimidamos, intimidáis.

Whereby: por el cual. wild: fiero, salvaje, silvestre. wise: sabio, sensato, guisa. witless: bobo, estúpido, tonto, necio. witty: ingenioso. William Shakespeare 55 PETRUCHIO. How but well, sir? how but well? % BAPTISTA. Why, how now, daughter Katherine, in your dumps? KATHERINA. Call you me daughter? Now I promise you You have show'd a tender fatherly regard To wish me wed to one half lunatic, A mad-cap ruffian and a swearing Jack, That thinks with oaths to face the matter out. PETRUCHIO. Father, 'tis thus: yourself and all the world That talk'd of her have talk'd amiss of her: If she be curst, it is for policy, For she's not froward, but modest as the dove; She is not hot, but temperate as the morn; For patience she will prove a second Grissel, And Roman Lucrece for her chastity; And to conclude, we have 'greed so well together That upon Sunday is the wedding-day.

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