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By Mary Bruce Wallace

1924. the reality our heavenly helpers look so apprehensive to provoke upon us is that the path and caliber of our ideas, feelings, and activities during this lifestyles make certain our prestige and atmosphere while coming into upon the existence to come back. the necessity for thought-control and for following one's maximum beliefs when in the world hence turns into extra strongly obvious.

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This depends upon what we mean by death. As individuals reporting NDEs have been successfully resuscitated, have they really died? The short answer is that all those in Dr Pim Van Lommel’s study referenced earlier, and in many other studies, were pronounced clinically dead. In addition, those who have NDEs typically insist they know they have died, and in the great majority of cases their attitude to life and to its goals and values and to spiritual realities become significantly more positive.

Conclusion I have been studying the evidence for the afterlife in the vast literature on the subject and through my own research for nearly 40 years. In view of the volume of information available it is not possible to cover everything in the number of words available to me. Inevitably some readers will query why nothing has been said of their own favourite pieces of evidence, and I can only plead pressures of space. I am only too well aware of the additional material I would like to include but which has fallen victim to these pressures.

There were also reports of tunnel experiences, of meetings with angelic beings and with the deceased, and of visiting mystical domains – many of the characteristics of NDEs. Such visions were markedly less frequent than in NDEs, but nevertheless 46 per cent of those questioned by Corazza reported a reduced fear of death as a result of their ketamine experiences. Ketamine is not used clinically with those approaching death so cannot be offered as an explanation for reported NDE experiences, but why should it nevertheless mimic some of these experiences?

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