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By Prof. Georges Salamon, Prof. Yun Peng Huang (auth.)

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Temporal gyrus Parahippocampal gyrus Middle temporal gyrus Inf. temporal gyrus Sup. temporal sulcus Ant. perforated substance Inf. temporal sulcus Fig. II. 21. Frontal CT sean of formalin-fixed brain, 90° to the orbitomeatal line and 9 em from the frontal pole Frontal Sections - 90° Intraparietal and postcentral sulci Postcentral ulcus 41 Corpus callosum (splenium) trallobule Lateral ventricle (body) I nr. parietal gyru Lateral sulcus gyrus Sup. temporal sulcus Pulvinar Middle mporal gyru Collateral sulcus Occipito temporal ulcus Fig.

Extension of sup. frontal sulcus into precen tral gyrus La teral sulcus Sup. temporal gyrus Pos tcentral gyrus Sup. l imiting su Icus of insula gyrus Olfactory sulcu Middle tempora l gyrus I nf. temporal gyrus Sup. temporal ulcus Ant. lim iting su lcus of insula Inf. temporal su lcus Fig. II. 20. Frontal CT sean of formalin-fixed brain, 90° to the orbitomeatalline and 5 em from the frontal pole 40 Frontal Sections - 90° Cingulate Interventricular foramen ingulate gyrus Sulcus of corpus callosum Postcentral gyrus Third ventricle Postcentral sulcus Postcentral gyrus Optic chiasm Fornix Lateral sulcus (opercular and insular portions) Sup.

27. CT scan at the same level as the radiograph of Fig. 26 1 2 3 4 Frontal sinus Falx cerebri Middle frontal gyrus Superior frontal gyrus Fig. II. 28 a-c. Other CT scans in the same plane 1 2 47 48 Frontal Sections - 60° Pacchionian granulations Sup. frontal sulcus Sup. frontal gyru Middle frontal gyrus White matter of ----1H:~HR frontal lobe Cingulate gyrus Inf. frontal gyrus Falx cerebri Middle fron tal gyrus Frontal Fig. II. 29. Frontal section 6 cm in front of the external acoustic meatus Frontal Sections - 60° Fig.

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