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Listed here are a few random scenes that you just, as an writer, can installed your e-book. at no cost! for instance, might be your personality is in a automobile chase. What cool issues or attention-grabbing issues can occur to them? good, you could upload in a helicopter scene or even a transformer-type of scene. cross forward; discover what I’m conversing about….

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Potential Consequence: If character (B) finds out what (A) was doing, then there is definitely going to be a fight. Because of this, the crush may not like any of the characters. You can have the characters ‘share’ the crush. Maybe on Sunday character (A) can take the crush out and then on Saturday character (B) can take the crush out on a date. The crush, of course, won’t have any idea that these characters are in on it. It would be: May the best man/woman win. Potential Consequence: Characters (A) and (B) will start to fall in love and may just get jealous of the other one.

Maybe cut their hair in an ugly way or wear non-fashionable clothes or not take a shower in a long time, potentially disgusting their mate. The character can even do nasty gestures like burp or fart in public or smell their armpit. The mate will then feel obligated to break up with the no-good character that is a plain embarrassment. Potential Consequence: the mate can love everything about the character and even do exactly what they’re doing in order to show their undying love. So, the character will have to try something else.

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