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Center power For Dummies explores a few routines designed to paintings the various middle muscular tissues that stabilize the backbone and pelvis and run the whole size of the torso. It additionally presents details on all the instruments and advice had to succeed in a wanted health target.

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You’ll have better results if you’re warm before you attempt the test exercises later in this section. Head to Chapter 4 for a few examples of warming up. Using your results to design a program I know that taking tests is nobody’s favorite thing to do, but you can make this one fun because you know it will result in a stronger core. Performing exercises that involve more than one muscle group at a time makes it difficult to determine which muscle is tight or is causing the weakness in your body.

But as far as I’m concerned, whatever works for you is best. indd 11 11/12/08 6:45:07 PM 12 Part I: Core Basics to do it than not do it. I mean that if you try to force yourself into a schedule that doesn’t really work for you, you probably won’t stick with your new core-training program. Find a time of day that’s convenient for you, and make that your special time for yourself. Consistency is the key! Why should I strengthen my core? You should strengthen your core to make all your movements effortless and keep your body injury free.

If your body feels awkward or tense, modify the exercise by using a prop such as an exercise ball or pair of hand weights to help you focus on the intended muscle. Remember, exercise should be a positive experience, not a form of self-torture. ✓ You should feel the exertion of the exercise only in the intended muscle, never in a joint. Pain in your joints signals irritation in the joint, so you definitely want to let up if that happens. Conversely, you should not feel tension or tightness in any other part of your body.

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