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By Randy Schueller, Perry Romanowski

Alberto-Culver Co., Melrose Park, IL. comprises specific discussions of the biology of the surface and hair. additionally covers the chemical compounds used as conditioners in pores and skin and hair items, and the equipment and new strategies for deciding upon the efficacy of those items. For beauty researchers, dermatologists, and complex scholars

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This biochemical change is accompanied by the persistence throughout the stratum corneum interstices of immature membrane structures. Interestingly, these immature or incompletely processed membrane structures also appear in a subgroup of Gaucher disease (type II), which is characterized by drastically reduced enzyme levels and ichthyosiform skin lesions (42). Such immature, glycosylated membrane structures, although inadequate to meet the demands of terrestrial life, nevertheless appear to suffice in mucosal epithelia (43,44) and in the stratum corneum of marine cetaceans, which both display a high glycosylceramide-to-ceramide ratio (45).

30 Draelos REFERENCES 1. Myers RJ, Hamilton JB. Regeneration and rate of growth of hair in man. Ann NY Acad Sci 1951; 53:862. 2. Unna PG. Beitrage zur histologic und entwickiengsgeschichte der menschlichen oberhat und ihrer anhangsgebilde. Arch fur microscopisch Anatomic und Entwickiungsmach 1876; 12:665. 3. Danforth CH. Hair with special reference to hypertrichosis. AMA Arch Dermatol Syphil 1925; 11:494. 4. Pinkus H. Embryology of hair. In: Montagna W, Ellis RA, eds. The Biology of Hair Growth.

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