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By Hugh Manistre

An exploration of crop circles, delivering feedback for private study. It addresses: the historical past of crop circles; theories and factors; technological know-how and the circles; the "New Age", the mystical and the circles; hoaxes; conspiracy idea; and up to date occasions and last mysteries.

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Development of hoax theory In 1991, however, there were various developments that were to eventually cause a substantial revision of the assumptions described above. Articles in The Cerealogist by Peter Williams and Ken Brown drew attention to the existence of a number of issues which were highly suggestive of human involvement in the circles. Williams was a veteran 'sky watcher' during the UFO flap that surrounded Warminster. Like Randles and Fuller, it was his experience of the activities of hoaxers in this context that made him inclined to scepticism about the origin of the crop circles.

This can then be applied to crop circle research. An obvious experiment is to obtain a sample ear of corn from a circle, together with a control from elsewhere in the field. With a friend, you can conduct a blind trial, testing the accuracy of your reactions in determining the circle sample from the control. If you visit a circle, what are your subjective experiences? Try meditating or contemplation, and note your responses. Approaching these aspects of the circles by direct experience, experimentation and observation will help to evaluate their importance for you as methods of investigation.

5. Science and the Circles This chapter looks at the various attempts that have been made to conduct scientific investigation of the circles. We have already seen that a scientist, Dr Meaden was amongst the first to take an interest in the subject, but others have tried to apply scientific methods of investigation, with varying degrees of success. One of the goals of this research has been to find a 'test' which would allow 'real' circles to be distinguished from man-made events, a 'litmus test' for the circles.

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