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By Richard Cross, Janet Smith

A special method of developing lasting buyer relationships starting with awareness-building, this e-book explains the best way to construct gradually more suitable bonds--through present platforms, way of life involvement, worth sharing, and empowerment networks. Dozens of case reviews and real-life examples demontrate how profitable companies have used purchaser bonding to enhance loyalty.

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As its name implies, image advertising's goal is the creation and support of a particular image for your product or service, your candidate, or your cause. As such, this model is heavily weighted toward image-oriented advertising, usually through mass media. To the extent that other goals and activities are desired, their success is frequently measured by how much they enhance the desired image.

On-line shopping promises to be a growth market in the United States in the coming years. And, following the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in the fall of 1993, CompuServe announced plans to court subscribers in Mexico as part of an international expansion. Dedicated television broadcast channels such as Whittle Communication's in-school Channel One and the birth of dedicated, upscale home-shopping cable channels in the United States, France, and Japan demonstrate the tireless march of niche marketing.

What often makes such rivalries bitter is the size of the advertising budgets at stake. But the debate is earnestly waged, with various practitioners believing the merits of their arguments and willingly falling into the "good guys/bad guys" morass. Page xviii We contend that all marketing disciplines have important roles to play in the new marketing drama: Image advertising, event sponsorships, promotion, and public relations are powerful tools for building awareness of your product or service and capturing a share of the customer's mind.

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