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Dagger Blessing: The Tibetan Phurpa Cult : Reflections and fabrics

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The T ibet w rite r A lexandra DavidNeel (23) re p o rts such -a case: she com es upon a group of frightened peasan ts carry in g w ith the m a dagger of th e ir re c e n tly deceased la m a in a c h e st intending to stow it away se c r e tly - nam ely on th e te r r i to r y o f a neigh­ bouring village - in a cave. Their own land they disliked to in fect w ith the incalculable dagger powers. In conseq­ uence of th e se magical disposal problem s som e daggers have a tta in e d venerable age.

Now finally th e c u rta in may go up and give way to the o th er, the ta n tr i c sp ace and tim e dimension. This may happen in all quietness but perhaps acco m panied by th e thunder of the handle drum c ov ered green, by the whizzing sound of th e cym bals and th e wailing of a bone tru m p et. Indeed th e re are Phurpa songs one may strik e up. The Phurpa priest begins with his nativity. He then P a p e r effig y (linga). re c ite s the dagger sharp Phurpa m a n tra. He becom es P h u r­ pa, the dagger, th e god, the dagger-deity , whose fine senses will in the following enable him first to identify th e evil bringing demon and to localize it.

And w hat sort of fields of ex p erien c e a re they? At this sta g e I ought to point out first th a t people who have grown up in Asia, no m a t t e r w h e th e r the y have under­ gone ta n tric training or not, p erceiv e more or b e t t e r than a European anyway. nsiderably enhanced by sy ste m a tic training. g. endeavour to observe people or o b je c ts sharply or with less focussed eyes, th a t is like silh ou ettes. Or one a t ­ tem pts, this being a n o th er exam ple, to d issect the visual everyday re ality into minim al p e rc e p tiv e fields, hence to see the world as if through a powerful magnifying glass.

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