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By John S. Dryzek

Contending discourses underlie the various worlds so much intractable conflicts, generating distress and violence. this is often very true within the post-9/11 global. despite the fact that, contending discourses may also open tips to larger discussion in international civil society and throughout states and overseas firms. This threat holds even for the main murderous different types of conflicts in deeply divided societies.In this well timed and unique booklet, John Dryzek examines significant modern conflicts by way of clashing discourses. themes lined contain the alleged conflict of civilizations; societies divided by way of ethnicity, nationality, or faith; monetary globalization as opposed to resistance; plus an in-depth dialogue of the 'war on terror'. Dryzek concludes through highlighting the constraints of present neoconservative and cosmopolitan methods, arguing that basically deliberative worldwide politics bargains unparalleled new probabilities for democratic engagement within the foreign system.This publication might be of curiosity to scholars and students of diplomacy, politics, philosophy, and sociology.

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And as the German reunification example suggests, even when peak policy-making processes do exist, it is much easier to find deliberation across leaders in these sorts of locations than it is to find deliberative democracy. For these reasons I will deploy instead a second strand in deliberative democratic the­ ory, which looks to the potential for diffuse communication in the public sphere that generates public opinion that can in turn exercise political influence (Benhabib, 1 996; Habermas, 1 996; Dryzek, 2000) .

Originally proposed by Samuel Huntington in a 1 993 article and 1 996 book as a way to make sense of the post-Cold War world, the idea of such a clash gained further plausibility in 200 1 with the attacks by Islamic radicals on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. These attacks and the responses to them seemed to signal intensification of a conflict between Islam and the West. Huntington himself sees the core issue in this conflict as Islam itself, not Islamic fundamentalism, on the grounds that an absolutist and universalist religion like Islam finds compro­ mise and sharing space with other faiths and cultures very hard (Huntington, 1 996: 2 1 7) .

But those appeals can 39 Clash of Civilizations to Engagement of Discourses also be contested by others drawing on the same culture - or indeed upon aspects of other cultures. "Civilizations" are not the monoliths that Huntington portrays (or wants them to be), unchanging in their essential character. Contestation certainly exists within Huntington's own Western civilization. Huntington himself bemoans the rise of multiculturalism in the United States as a weakening of the "American creed," a Trojan horse for non-Western values.

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