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Totally revised and up-to-date, the 6th variation of this renowned dictionary is the perfect reference source for college students of chemistry, both in highschool or in collage. the hot version positive factors greater than 4,300 entries, together with 1000s of recent phrases. The Dictionary covers all features of chemistry--from actual chemistry to biochemistry--including themes corresponding to metallurgy, fabrics technological know-how, forensic technological know-how, and geology. There also are biographical entries on key figures within the box. The booklet has unmarried or double-page characteristic articles on very important subject matters corresponding to polymers and crystal defects, and chronologies that chart the most discoveries in such fields as atomic conception, biochemistry, explosives, and plastics. the recent version additionally good points internet hyperlinks accessed through a significant other site, that includes additional info that's on a regular basis up to date to make sure that it remains clean. the amount concludes with 9 appendices, together with the periodic desk, SI devices, the chemical components, Nobel prizewinners, and worthwhile web content.

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Antimony Symbol Sb. n. m. d. p. p. 1750°C. Antimony has several allotropes. The stable form is a bluishwhite metal. Yellow antimony and black antimony are unstable nonmetallic allotropes made at low temperatures. The main source is stibnite (Sb2S3), from which antimony is extracted by reduction with iron metal or by roasting (to give the oxide) followed by reduction with carbon and sodium carbonate. The main use of the metal is as an alloying agent in lead-accumulator plates, type metals, bearing alloys, solders, Britannia metal, and pewter.

For example, in the compound CH3–O–CH2Cl, rotation can occur along the O–C bond. The conformation in which the chlorine atom is closer to the methyl group is preferred (the lone pairs on the oxygen atom act as groups in determining the conformation). anomers Diastereoisomers of cyclic forms of sugars or similar molecules differing in the conÜguration at the C1 atom of an aldose or the C2 atom of a ketose. This atom is called the anomeric carbon. Anomers are designated α if the conÜguration at the anomeric carbon is the same as that at the reference asymmetric carbon in a Fischer projection.

It can be synthesized from *linoleic acid. Arachidonic acid acts as a precursor to several biologically active compounds, including prostaglandins, and plays an important role in membrane production and fat metabolism. The release of arachidonic acid from membrane phospholipids is triggered by certain hormones. arachno structure See borane. aragonite A rock-forming anhydrous mineral form of calcium carbonate, CaCO3. It is much less stable than *calcite, the commoner form of calcium carbonate, from which it may be distinguished by its greater hardness and speciÜc gravity.

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