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By Sally Friedman

In-depth research of the representational kinds of numerous participants of Congress from ny country.

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You see, I don’t have to fake it. New York isn’t just a place I represent; it is my home. . I put on my Mets hat when I was 6 years old, and I’ve been working here ever since. I’ve stacked mufflers at Linden Auto Parts on Montauk Highway. I played Little League here, I’ve fished and clammed in our waters . . prayed in our churches, I’ve married a wonderful native New Yorker and watched our two little girls come into this world in our local hospitals. —Senatorial candidate, Rick Lazio, New York Times, 5/21/00 In this first case study chapter, I begin to consider modern home styles in terms of the local, the national, and the interconnections between the two.

Such home-Washington consistency may be even more likely in today’s era. As I argued in the first chapter, there are simply many ways in which the national and the local are interconnected. In addition, several scholars (Fiorina 2005; Jacobson 2001) have highlighted two interrelated trends pointing in the direction of increased local-national connection. Voters today may, in fact, desire representatives to engage in more national activity; as Jacobson puts it, “The minds of voters have become less personal and more explicitly political since the 1970s” (129).

My father was furious” (NYT 12/26/92). She held positions as a public school teacher and administrator for the New York City Board of Education, including teaching an adult education course in East Harlem (PIA 2002, 696). In the late 1970s, Maloney decided “that Rethinking the Local-National Debate 39 government had a larger impact than any teacher on the education of the city’s youth” (PIA 2002, 696). Thus, she switched gears, working as a senior staff person at the New York State Assembly and Senate and rising through the ranks as a professional politician.

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