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Букварь танка Тигр

Букварь танка Тигр"- с юмором и ,что называется -на пальцах, говорится
об устройстве ,эксплуатации и боевом применении танка "Тигр".
Книга издана в годы WW2 (Вторая мировая война)

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G. S. R. had not proved to be a particularly friendly or coopera­tive wartime ally, no doubt based on the fairly justifiable belief that she had nearly single-handedly met and bested the German war machine. Soviet casualties and war damages were huge and the feats of Soviet arms and production were formidable by any standards. S. and Brit­ish lend lease shipments, the abrupt cessation of that aid at the end of the war did much to negate any goodwill that may have emerged from it. Though men of goodwill may have hoped for good post war relations between Russia and her wartime forces bedfellows, there was very little real evidence to support that optimistic outlook.

Guided Missile Development ICBM research was not begun early as scientists doubted that an ICBM was feasible. Research con­ centrated on jet engine propulsion. Require­ments were established for air defense guided missiles. ) e. Politicization of the Scientists The atomic weapon was developed during World War II by scientists who worked under military direc­ tion in the closely controlled and highly classified Manhattan Project. Many of the scientists were thought­ ful men who were able to consider the policy implications of the awesome weapon.

There were those who believed that control of the air was a pre­requisite so that surface operations could be undertaken, and there were those who believed that the air arm could win unaided. There were equally strong proponents of the superiority of strategic air offensives over air defense forces and of the superiority of the defense over the offense. Each could point to various phases of World War II to support their position. The introduction of the atomic bomb at the end of the war added a new dimension to the debate, which seemed to tilt in the direction of the strategic offensive advocates.

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