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By Sweeney, Michael S.,Towner, Elizabeth.,Kayal, Michele.

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The part that controls your seeking a goal, such as the desire to move out of a place of confusion and find a familiar location, is tied up with emotions. A strong emotional reaction tends to trump rational thought in a survival situation, which helps explain why so many people who get lost keep going forward, getting more and more disoriented, when reason favors turning back and retracing their steps. The survivor’s trick is to respond to the urge to take action by harnessing that emotional energy and channeling it in constructive ways.

Burn any leftover food scraps. If your clothes take on the smell of smoke or food odors, remove them before you go to bed and place them at least 100 yards downwind from where you camp. If you wish to carry food that will spoil, such as meat, consider smoking it or drying it by cutting it in strips and laying it in the sun (see Chapter 6). Keep meats separate from foods you intend to eat raw, such as apples and oranges. Store all food in containers (as airtight as possible), placed out of reach of animals.

A shiny space blanket can be used for creating an emergency shelter, signaling to a search-and-rescue team, or melting snow and ice to make drinking water. Crucial items such as a stout knife, a compass, and a whistle to attract attention should be tied to cords and hung around the neck for easy access. If you are in a survival situation, water and shelter likely will be your greatest needs. A kit that includes the means to purify water and provide for an emergency shelter is invaluable. BASIC SURVIVAL KIT First aid items Water purification tablets or drops Fire-starting equipment Signaling items Food procurement items Shelter items, such as tent, hammock Lighter, metal match, matches Knife Needle and thread Signaling mirror Wrist compass Fish and snare line Fishhooks Candle Small hand lens Solar blanket Surgical blades Water bladder EXPERT TIP In preparing your survival kit, select items you can use for more than one purpose.

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