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* chosen information in a concise, all-in-one structure makes electrical equipment and tool structures easy* Stresses utilizing useful calculations to unravel difficulties instead of spending prolonged time explaining find out how to truly practice the calculations* References for extra research and calculations

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Note that the line voltage on the secondary side lags the line voltage on the primary side by 30°. 3-20. Prove that the three-phase system of voltages on the secondary of the ∆-Y transformer shown in Figure 337c lags the three-phase system of voltages on the primary of the transformer by 30°. 58 SOLUTION The figure is reproduced below: VA VA' + + VB VB' - - + + VC VC' - - Assume that the phase voltages on the primary side are given by VA = VφP ∠0° VB = VφP ∠ − 120° VC = VφP ∠120° Then the phase voltages on the secondary side are given by ′ VA = VφS ∠0° ′ VB = VφS ∠ − 120° ′ VC = VφS ∠120° where VφS = VφP / a .

The voltage across the common winding ( N C ) is 7275 kV, and the voltage across the series winding ( N SE ) is 7967 kV – 7275 kV = 692 V. Therefore, a single phase of the autotransformer connected as an ordinary transformer would be rated at 7275/692 V and 58 kVA. 3-13. 4-kV single-phase generator supplies power to a load through a transmission line. The load’s . ° Ω , and the transmission line’s impedance is Z line = 60∠60° Ω . impedance is Z load = 500∠3687 49 (a) If the generator is directly connected to the load (Figure P3-3a), what is the ratio of the load voltage to the generated voltage?

82% of the full-load current. mag. The MATLAB program shown below calculates the flux level at each time, the corresponding magnetization current, and the rms value of the magnetization current. m M-file to calculate and plot the magnetization current of a 120/240 transformer operating at 240 volts and 50 Hz. This program also calculates the rms value of the mag. current. % Load the magnetization curve. It is in two % columns, with the first column being mmf and % the second column being flux. * time); % Calculate the mmf corresponding to a given flux % using the MATLAB interpolation function.

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