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Scanning process for converting attributes of a display at raster coordinate locations, such as color and intensity, into a fixed set of numerical attributes for manipulation, transmission, or storage of the display. scanning tunneling microscope extremely sensitive method for measuring atomic position at a surface by monitoring the electron current due to tunneling between a moveable metal tip and the surface semiconductor. scara manipulator a robot with three parallel revolute joints allowing it to move and orient in a plane (q1 , q2 , q3 ) with a fourth prismatic joint (q4 ) for moving the endeffector normal to the plane.

Sectionalizer a switch placed in distribution lines and programmed to open during a line dead time. The sectionalizer will sense the presence of current surges due to faults, and is programmed to open after a set number of faults occur during a short period of time. When the fault is cleared by the protecting recloser or circuit breaker, the sectionalizer will open, allowing the recloser or breaker to successfully reenergize the portion of the line upstream from the sectionalizer. sectionalizing fuse a sectionalizing fuse is a fuse employed on the primary distribution system to isolate laterals from the main feeder in the event of a fault on that lateral.

Ring numbering for access control, protection scheme in which every memory object is assigned a set of ring numbers and every executing process is assigned a number. The legality of an access attempt is determined by numeric comparisons between the execution ring number and the ring num- c bers of the object to be accessed. A typical design assigns more privilege to lower numbers, where the system programs reside. If there are three access modes (execute, read, write), three numbers (e, r, w) are assigned to each object.

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