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The LM399 precision voltage reference. 40 +15Vo-~------~----~--------~--o15V,IA 33K lK SCR > 25 V. 7K (A) With SCR and resistors. 7 V SCR (B) With SCR, resistors, and zener diode. ~ 15 V. 2 A lK Fig. 2-12. Power supply protection circuits. (Submitted to Electronotes by Dave Rossum) Protection circuits, such as those shown in Fig. 2-12, are suggested on all power supply. outputs. These circuits detect any intersupply shorts and short the output of the supply to protect against damage to the regulators and to ICs in the synthesizer circuitry.

The optimum design value is 100 ohms. The keyboard voltage is buffered by A5. 7 V ifno keys are l l FAST SLOW l FAST (A) Velocity sensitive. NO PRESSURE HIGH PRESSURE (8) Pressure sensitive. Fig. 3-2. Keyboard control voltages. AS = LM301 OR SIMILAR Fig. 3-3. A monophonic keyboard interface for a one-bus keyboard. pressed. Capacitor Cll filters out noise on the bus line. The A2 circuitry acts as a differentiator. Any change in control voltage pulsed through C2 and R8 is amplified by A2. These pulses are input to ICI, which is a one-shot monostable that triggers on a negative input pulse.

5 timer. After this period it will switch to a logic 1, lasting for the duration of the gate signal. A trigger input will retrigger the delay if a gate signal is present. Recently, custom ICs for electronic music applications have been introduced that make the design and implementation of circuits much easier. One of the first chips that was available is the Solid State Micro Technology for Music (SSM) SSM2050 voltage controlled transient (envelope) generator chip. It is a full ADSR envelope generator with a 0- to 10-V output level.

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