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Twenty-five years have passed by due to the fact Andre Leblanc first Taiwan... no longer a month is going via with no certainly one of Andre Leblanc's new posters, extra academic than ever, being walked into the dep. to give his manuscript at the selection of the axes of a number of the foramina, canals, extra to the others at the partitions of radiology practices, MRI and sulci of the bottom of the cranium, and on their tomographic facilities, otolaryngologists and different head experts. research, to my grasp, Professor Claude Libersa. The undertaking used to be deeply changed and additional better via The e-book we current at the present time, entitled "Encephalo-Peripheral coupling classical anatomy with the exploding new imaging apprehensive System", is a version of its style by way of rigor, innovations . . wisdom, and esthetics. the hot views that it deals might help every one among us to get a greater take hold of of the one a curious, meticulous, creative, and tireless employee anatomy of the worried method and establish the numerous ele­ like Andre Leblanc can make this venture successful. thank you ments that compose it.

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INVESTIGATION - Sagittal, frontal and axial magnetic resonance imaging of interpeduncular cistem to examine the apparent origin of the nerve. As fibers assemble they form thin root filaments, which ultimately merge to constitute the oculomotor nerve. Apparent Origin The apparent origin of the oculomotor nerve is on the anterior side of the brain stem, along the intemal margin of the cerebral peduncle (Fig. 6). ~=öii~~ lnfundibulum Oculomotor nerve (111) Fig. 4 a- d. Study of bulbar origin of oculomotor nerve; frontal (a), sagittal (b), and axial (c) anatomic dissections; axial MRI (d).

23 Optic Pathways, Chiasmatic Cistern, Optic Chiasm Frontal, Oblique, Axial and Sagittal Views Anatomie Disseetions, Imaging, Diagrams ............. 25 Optic Tract, Geniculate Bodies, Optic Radiations, Calcarine Sulcus Axial and Sagittal Views Anatomy, lmaging, Diagram ... . .. . ... .... 33, 34 lotriosie Eye Movements Constrietor and Dilator Nerves and Museies of Pupil Sagittal Views Anatomie Diagrams ... .. . . . . 35 Arteries for Optic Pathways Ophthalmie and Ciliary Arteries, Anterior and Middle Cerebra!

TECHNIQUE (ANTERIOR-POSTERIOR OBLIQUE VIEW) - Place subject in prone position, head tumed toward side tobe examined making a 40° to 45° angle with the median sagittal plane (Fig. 3 b), - extend head so that beam makes a 35° angle with orbitomeatal plane (OM) toward the bottom (Fig. 3 a). Centering point is at inferior external angle of orbit (Fig. 3 c, d). This investigation should be a comparative one. Optic Nerve (Il) 25 Optic Nerve, Chiasm, Tract, Geniculate Bodies (II) Sphenoidal sinus Optic chiasm Frontal lobe Olfactory bulb (I) Anterior cerebral artery Optic nerve Tentorium cerebelli Short ciliary arteries Interna!

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