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By Malte Erik Wigand

Returning in an up to date moment version, this booklet bargains extended
coverage of crucial strategies in endoscopic sinus surgical procedure with new
insights into the anatomy of the paranasal sinuses. this article covers the elemental
concepts of intranasal surgical procedure of the paranasal sinuses, endoscopic anatomy,
preoperative and postoperative prognosis, instrumentation, anesthesia and
patient positioning. It describes typical and complex surgical options for
the nasal hollow space, the maxillary antrum, the ethmoid, frontal and sphenoid
sinuses, and the anterior base of the skull.

Highlights of the second one edition:

  • New chapters on coping with issues of rhinosinusitis, trauma, malformation,
    and neoplasms
  • New part on transcranial publicity of the anterior cranium and
    paranasal cavities
  • Detailed presentation of endoscopic and microscopic
  • Extensive dialogue of purposes for failed surgical procedure and the
    principles of revision surgical procedure
  • More than 580 illustrations and new schematic
    drawings, together with photos that position precise emphasis on anatomical landmarks
    to support orient the surgeon

This ebook is a must have reference for ENT surgeons
and otolaryngologists looking to improve the versatility.

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Essays on the applied physiology of the nose. St. , 1941. Stammberger H. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery. C. Decker; 1991. indd 21 21 Stammberger H. Die Pilzverwirrung: Anmerkungen zum diskutierten pilzimmunologischen Hintergrund der chronischen Rhinosinusitis mit und ohne Polyposis. Laryngorhinootologie. 2003;82: 307–11. Stankiewicz JA. Comments about postoperative care after endoscopic sinus surgery. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2002; 128:1207–8. Taylor MJ, Ponikau JU, Sherris DA, et al.

29 Incomplete mucosal regeneration in a left maxillary sinus 6 months after supraturbinal fenestration. One should wait and apply ointments containing bepanthenol. Fig. 30 Obliteration of a left anterior ethmoid by fibrous adhesions. The nasofrontal duct is occluded by scar tissue (∗). The nasoantrostomy (arrow) stays open. is complete and the danger of obstruction by scar formation is past only when reepithelialization by respiratory mucosa or by metaplastic stratified epithelium is complete. However, if wound healing is left to its own devices, there is a danger of stenosis of the antrostomy or closure of the narrow outflow tract of the frontal sinus and the upper ethmoid gutter (Fig.

The posterior end of the inferior turbinate and the ostium of the eustachian tube (∗) lie at the same level, and require care during posterior turbinectomy. In this case the posterior attachment of the middle turbinate crosses the roof of the choana. Fig. 12 Topography of the posterior part of the left nasal cavity in an anatomical dissection, showing an endoscopic view from in front of the heads of the inferior and middle turbinate. Above this lies a slitlike superior nasal meatus. Medially, next to the rudiment of the superior turbinate, lies the ostium of the sphenoid sinus whose anterior wall has been fenestrated.

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