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This ebook is sort of helpfull yet you want to paintings at getting the knowledge out of it. Tinder had me until eventually we hit combined variable common sense with K-mapping. That region wishes paintings; too many diagrams and never adequate explaination. i must say even though, it is a challenging subject to educate to a person who hasn't ever noticeable this fabric earlier than.

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LV: low voltage. Magnitude comparator: comparator. 4 GLOSSARY OF TERMS, EXPRESSIONS, AND ABBREVIATIONS 19 Majority function: a function that becomes active when a majority of its variables become active. Majority gate: a logic gate that yields a majority function. Mantissa: the fraction part of a floating point number. Map: usually a Karnaugh map. Map compression: a reduction in the order of a K-map. Map key: the order of K-map compression; hence, 2 N - where N is the number of variables in the function to be mapped and n is the order of the K-map to be used.

Call module: a module designed to control access to a protected system by issuing a request for access to the system and then granting access after receiving acknowledgment of that request. Canonical: made up of terms that are either all minterms or all max terms. Canonical truth table: ai's and O's truth table consisting exclusively of minterms or maxterms. Capacitance, C: the constant of proportionality between total charge on a capacitor and the voltage across it, Q = C V, where C is given in farads (F) when charge Q is given in coulombs and V in volts.

Digital combination lock: a sequence recognizer that can be used to unlock or lock something. Digital engineering design: the design and analysis of digital devices. Digital signal: a logic waveform composed of discrete logic levels a binary digital signal). 12 CHAPTER 1 / INTRODUCTORY REMARKS AND GLOSSARY Diode: a two-terminal passive device consisting of a p-n junction that permits significant current to flow only in one direction. Diode-transistor logic: logic circuits consisting mainly of diodes and BJTs.

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