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This name encompasses issues on the topic of pollutants abatement and remedy of wastewater and strong waste administration emphasizing on organic therapy equipment. layout elements of the organic remedy devices are the specific gains of this publication. rules of bioremediation are in brief coated.

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Cholera causes severe fluid loss from the body due to watery stools. coli: Though a normal flora organism some strains causes diarrhea and dysentery like syndromes. The diarrhea occurs like a milder form of cholera. EPEC (Enteropathogenic E. coli) causes diarrhea in infants. Clostridium: Clostridium is carried to water by contamination of feces (human or animal) or dust. It produces an enterotoxin that causes symptoms like cholera, albeit much milder. 44 Environmental Biotechnology Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Generally it spreads through sputum of infected individuals.

Iv) Protozoa: Protozoa are non photosynthetic unicellular organisms exhibiting a eukaryotic cell organization. They lack cell wall, some protozoa may be covered by pellicle outside the cytoplasmic membrane. Protozoa are chemoheterotrophic and obtain their food through absorption or phagocytosis. Reproduction is by asexual or sexual process. Asexual reproduction is effected by binary or multiple fission. Protozoa are classified based on the modes of locomotion into Sarcodina, Mastigophora, Ciliophora and Sporozoa.

44 Environmental Biotechnology Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Generally it spreads through sputum of infected individuals. However, it has been reported from municipal waste waters, causing infection to people coming in contact. Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Ubiquitously found in fresh water and soil causes urinary tract infections, burn infections and pneumonias. Protozoa: Protozoa are single celled eukaryotic microorganisms capable of causing different parasitic infections in humans and animals. A characteristic feature of some of the protozoa is the presence of a dormant phase called cyst, alternating with the vegetative phase of life cycle.

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