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Show evaluation courses: simple math and Pre-Algebra is helping scholars collect sensible talents with quick, detailed classes. All key issues are lined. Readers will reap the benefits of math assistance, techniques for fending off universal pitfalls, sidebars of math definitions, and an in depth word list. furthermore, pre and posttests aid scholars gauge either their susceptible components in addition to their development.

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23 196 312 604 537 578 943 + 725 _____ 3,895 Did you get it right? Did you come up with 3,895? If you still feel a little rusty, then what you need is more practice, and the following exercises will help. PRACTICE LAP DIRECTIONS: Use scratch paper to solve the following problems. You can check your answers at the end of this chapter. 4. 8 + 7 = 5. 347 + 892 = 6. 935 + 219 + 47 + 272 + 518 + 794 + 333 + 25 = TACKLING SUBTRACTION Subtraction is the mathematical opposite of addition. Instead of combining one number with another, you take one away from another.

Reduce ᎏ 99 0 . 2 4. Augment ᎏ3ᎏ to a fraction that has 300 in the denominator. Fractions and Mixed Numbers Adding Fractions Do you have any loose change? A friend would like to borrow a quarter. Do you happen to have another quarter he can borrow? Don’t worry; it’s just a loan. And while you’re at it, let him borrow still another quarter. All right, how many quarters does he owe you? If he borrowed one quarter from you, then another quarter, and then still another quarter, he borrowed three quarters from you.

Another way of finding the LCD is to write each of the denominators, 4, 6, and 8, as the product of its prime factors: 4=2ϫ2 6=2ϫ3 8=2ϫ2ϫ2 The number you want needs to have three 2’s (to accommodate the 8) and one 3 (to accommodate the 6). So, the LCD is 2 ϫ 2 ϫ 2 ϫ 3, which is 24. You can now augment each of the fractions to a fraction in which the denominator is 24: 1 6 ᎏᎏ = ᎏ ᎏ 4 24 1 4 ᎏᎏ = ᎏᎏ 6 24 5 15 ᎏᎏ = ᎏᎏ 8 24 1 1 5 6 4 15 25 1 ᎏᎏ + ᎏᎏ + ᎏᎏ = ᎏᎏ + ᎏᎏ + ᎏᎏ = ᎏᎏ, or 1ᎏᎏ 4 6 8 24 24 24 24 24 PRACTICE LAP DIRECTIONS: Use scratch paper to solve the following problems.

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