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By Gianfausto Salvadori, Carlo De Michele, Nathabandu T. Kottegoda, Renzo Rosso

This ebook is ready the theoretical and sensible features of the statistics of utmost occasions in Nature. most significantly, this can be the 1st textual content within which Copulas are brought and utilized in Geophysics. numerous themes are absolutely unique, and exhibit how ordinary types and calculations will be more advantageous by way of exploiting the possibilities provided via Copulas. moreover, new amounts precious for layout and hazard review are brought.

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Let ′ = r denote a generic temporal scale, where r > 0 represents the scale ratio, and let X ′ be the intensity of the process as observed at the scale ′ . 93) x . 94) X where “∼” means equality in probability distribution. It must be stressed that, in practical applications, the scaling regime (when present) usually holds only between an inner cutoff rmin and an outer cutoff rmax : that is, for rmin ≤ r ≤ rmax . Then, knowing the parameters a b of X , and the scaling exponent GP , in principle it would be possible to calculate the distribution of X ′ for any given time scale ′ .

The limit behavior of the law of maxima (minima) is of great importance in practical applications, for it characterizes the probability of occurrence of extreme events. In order to investigate the asymptotic behavior of a distribution, the following definition is needed. 6 (Tail equivalence). 78a) for some constant c > 0. 78b) for some constant c > 0. The result given below clarifies the link between right-tail equivalence and the max-domain of attraction. 9. Analysis of maxima using the “block” method.

77) yields − ln 1 − 1 − →0 − ln 1 − 1 − 2 lim lim →0 + ln 1 − 1 − 2 + ln 1 − 1 − 4 = − ln + ln 2 + ln − ln 2 − ln + ln 4 + ln = 1 = 20 and thus c = 0. Then, the Exponential distribution belongs to the domain of attraction of the Gumbel family. On the other end, it is easy to show that the limit in Eq. 70) is e−x as given. 7 shows the analysis of maxima of a sample of size n × k = 3000, obtained using k = 30 independent simulations of size n = 100 extracted from the standard Exponential distribution.

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