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By Laurentiu Damir

Follow rate motion Trends

  • Forex fee motion buying and selling method to help you make a thousand pips per thirty days
  • Timeframes used : 1hour-4hours / 4hours-daily / daily-weekly


  •  Forex fee motion Trends


  • This is a truly profitable foreign money cost motion procedure that identifies adjustments in cost motion tendencies at the one hour chart. It has the potential to bring hundreds of thousands of pips in the end since it generates alternate setups at the start of the fashion and remains with it virtually to its end line due to a really transparent algorithm relating to access and forestall loss degrees. you could learn the pattern and in the event you require extra info be happy to touch me at

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The wave in the opposite direction does not breach the last lower high but it is in the zone of it. In this case we enter the buy stop order right after price comes up after the correction and passes the level of the last lower high. Remember, in this situation we don’t enter the trade at the start of the correction because that level is still below the last LH, it did not breach the LH like in the examples above. These are the only two situations where we have to manage our entry point. If the wave breaches the last LH/HL we enter at the start of the correction because that level already penetrated the LH/HL.

If this impulsive move does not happen or it is not strong then our potential highs and lows are not confirmed, they are not valid. Valid highs and lows remain the previous ones that have been confirmed by subsequent price action. Let’s see a chart so you can better understand this: You can see in this chart above that what we have to do to correctly identify the highs and lows of our trend. As the trend unfolds in real time we mark every level where there has been a change in direction as a potential highs or low and then we wait for the next impulsive move down, in this case, to tell us if our potential high/low has been confirmed and it is valid.

This is just about the closest that real market trends can get to resemble those ideal textbook trends. It doesn’t get any easier than this in real market conditions. However, trends like these two above are rare especially in the forex market which is known to be a very volatile market. Even in these clear trends you can see that there are some variations, there are some smaller trends contained in the bigger trend. Let’s see now how a more common trend for the forex market can look like: This is a downtrend but you can tell it is more complicated than the previous ones just by looking at it.

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